Never miss a delivery again

Shop online

Receive your parcels any time

Check your mailbox

Enjoy your life

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive. Everyone can use the Boxigen solution without a manual.

Smart lock system

Allow anyone with a valid code to open the mailbox. No extra devices, software or complicated instructions are required.

Universal system

Boxigen is compatible with all major delivery companies such as BPost, GLS, DPD, Fedex,..


You control your parcel mailbox with the simple and intuitive Boxigen app.

How to use


Boxigen is your smart system and your new E-shopping companion. It can open your parcel mailbox by using any valid four digit code you defined.


When you are checking out your online shopping cart, generate a code with the app and write it in the address or remarks field of the website on which you are purchasing.


In case of multiple deliveries, you can generate another code. You can also generate a code for a friend if you want to.


You can enjoy your life! Wherever you are, you will be able to monitor your parcel mailbox with the Boxigen app.


The postman will enter the delivery code (displayed on the parcel label) on the Boxigen keypad and drop the parcel in your mailbox. You will instantly receive a notification.


When you arrive home, open your parcel mailbox and take your parcel out. Enjoy your delivered purchase!

Convinced Users

  • “For me, Boxigen is more than a mailbox. It allows me to receive my packages while working late so I never have to worry about that anymore. ”

    Shoshana BulwikProject Manager
  • “I am a big fan of online shopping. Now I can order all my favorite clothes and shoes and receive them at home without having to be there. Therefore, Boxigen makes me win a lot of time at each delivery!”

    Estelle MertensWeb Designer
  • “I rent out student homes and thanks to Boxigen I can easily collect and hand over keys to new tenants without any time constraints : I can drop the keys when best suits me and tenants can get them back whenever they want. I just need to communicate them the right delivery code”

    Jan BellemansSite Manager
  • Using Boxigen really simplified my life of online shopper! Now, I can order much more and I am sure my packages gets in front of my house in a safe way! Thank you Boxigen!

    Joos CroughsMarketing Officer

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